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Surita began her career as a designer crafting graduated gemstone necklaces which progressed to an apprenticeship as a metalsmith. She spent years traveling extensively throughout India to study the craft of master goldsmiths specializing in intricate techniques handed down through generations.  Enchanted by the rich hues and timeless allure of gemstones, her passion led her to expand her knowledge and began her life as a gem collector. Since then, Surita has been designing the jewelry which has been trapped in her mind's eye. Her jewelry is recognizable for its ethereal fluidity with a distinct edge: the duality of the dreamer and the warrior. Enamorata was launched in 2001 as a labor of love and Surita continues to find great joy in designing meaningful, wearable precious objects of beauty for her clients.


Surita is a Bay Area native and resides in Northern California.

Surita Ghosh,

Jewelry is a reflection of your essence, a symbol of your most joyful moments and a celebration of your achievements.

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